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The whole website is not translated yet (feel free to help!). But we gladly answer any of your questions at notz@wanadoo.fr in english, spanish, portuguese ... (italian and german with some delay) ...

The video clip where can be seen those very special actors playing Saint JPII was recorded during the 21th and last representation of the play in july 2015.
The whole play (one hour and a half) will be found here

The small "Our Lady of the Star Fraternity" is a very special and wonderful five-year experience of a family-based place (have a look at the video-clip) where young men with Down Syndrome have lived a spiritually oriented Christian life since 2010.
Everyday life being shared between "intellectual work" (we believe DS people can learn - just as anyone - all their lives long), various activities (theater, pottery, biking, ...), prayer and services in the parish environment.

The challenge is now to develop a more consistent community. A number of projects are developing. Of course if any of you, readers, hear about anything anywhere, just keep us informed ! (notz-AT-wanadoo.fr)  "May we have confidence in the Lord with all our heart, and lean not upon our own prudence" These our guidelines !

You may enjoy further reading in english, here

But we suggest you have a try on page labelled "Notre vie quotidienne" (our everyday life)
Just follow the links ; the pictures should be self-explanatory !

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